Anchorage Museum
Dena'inaq' Huch'ulyeshi - The Dena'inaq Way of Living

Speak Dena’ina

Hover over the moose below to see, then click to hear, Dena’ina words and phrases.

K’uhda’i veda - moose antlers
K’uhda’i guna - moose foreleg
K’uhda’i qakena - moose hind leg
K’uhda’i q'es - moose neck
K’uhda’i venchix - moose nose
K’uhda’i k’q’eya - moose rump
K’uhda’i veyinghala - moose shoulder hump
K’uhda’i - moose
K’uhda’i ghesh’an. - I saw a moose.
K’uhda’i dghishini ghesh’an. - I saw a beautiful moose.